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Most people have been persuaded by our media and educational system that there was an “Age of Dinosaurs”, during which no modern-type animals or plants existed. Reconstructions of this supposed era (below right) show a very different world from the one we know, with no sign of any modern animals or plants. The truth is very different. There is abundant fossil evidence that most modern groups co-existed with the dinosaurs.








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Wikipedia photo by Mark A. Wilson



Dr Carl Werner,(right) who studied biology at the University of Missouri and later became a doctor of medicine, was challenged by a college classmate to prove that evolution was either right or wrong. Rising to the challenge, he embarked on a fascinating experiment. He explains, “It was based on a simple prediction. That if evolution was not true, and that animals did not change over time, I should be able to find modern-appearing plants and modern-appearing animals in the dinosaur rock layers, and this is, in fact, what I found… Museums were, for the most part, not displaying the most important vertebrate fossils. They were kept out of the view of the public.” Over 13 years, Dr Werner travelled 160,000 miles, visiting 10 dinosaur dig sites and 60 natural history museums. He searched the literature, and began interviewing scientists, and discovered that all the major groups of modern plants and animals had indeed been found as fossils in the same rocks as dinosaurs. In many cases, fossil specimens were given a different name to their living counterparts to hide the fact that they were identical. Dr Werner’s prediction was fulfilled, and his conclusion, based on the facts, is that evolution has not happened. His research is recorded in his book and DVD series "Evolution: the Grand Experiment." (available from CRT)


This evidence is found in museums throughout the world, although most of it is hidden from public view. Why? Have evolutionists purposely hidden it in order to keep the “evolution show” on the road? Dr Zhe-Xi Luo, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, has admitted: “In a sense, ‘The Age of Dinosaurs’ … is a misnomer.”(1) In this issue we give you the opportunity to consider some of the facts for yourself.
1. Evolution: the Grand Experiment, New Leaf Press, 2009, p.173.


Experiment refutes Evolution
Fossils of modern-type parrots have also been found in dinosaur-age rocks! (Nature 5th November 1998).
Water-birds much like this modern grebe lived alongside dinosaurs. (Wikipedia photo by Maga-chan)




DID birds evolve from dinosaurs? That’s the popular theory. But growing evidence reveals that birds lived with dinosaurs — and they were not primitive birds, but modern types. Road-runners (left), are popularly featured in American cartoon films. Following the discovery of fossil footprints in dinosaur-age rocks in China, Martin Lockley of the Dinosaur Tracks Museum, University of Colorado, commented, “It is a huge surprise to find evidence of a roadrunner-like species darting around beneath the feet of Cretaceous dinosaurs…. If the tracks had been found in very recent deposits in North America, we would have assumed they were made by the well-known roadrunner, but finding them in the Cretaceous of China, long before even the nearest relatives of roadrunners had evolved, makes us call them 'roadrunner-like'.”(1) However, that is a cop-out, since the evidence suggests they were true road-runner tracks. They just don’t fit the evolutionists’ theory. Forty fossil specimens of a very modern-looking, web-footed, duck-like bird named Gansus yumenensis were discovered in similarly aged rocks in China. BBC News reported: “Ducks may have been paddling around in primeval swamps when T. rex was king of the dinosaurs.”(2) And the science journal Nature commented, "At least duck, chicken and ratite bird relatives were co-extant [living] with non-avian dinosaurs.” Gansus, which resembled modern grebes, “could fly like modern birds," said expedition member Jerald Harris of Dixie State College in Utah. “In short, no one expected to find a bird this modern in rocks this old."(3) Some scientists claimed that Gansus was a “missing link in bird evolution.” How could it be, since it was 100% bird? These finds totally undermine the popular theory of bird evolution.
1. http://scienceblogs.com June 15th 2006 2. BBC News online, 20th January 2005. 3. Nature, January 13th 2005.




Fossil crab from Cretaceous rocks
Photo: Paul Abramson, creationism.org
Wikipedia photo by Cubanito
A collection of fossil animals discovered off the coast of Florida suggests that present day deep-sea fauna like starfish and sea cucumbers (left) and crabs appeared earlier than previously believed and survived periods of mass extinctions similar to those that supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs. Researcher Ben Thuy commented, "We were amazed to see that a 114 million year old deep-sea assemblage was so strikingly similar to the modern equivalents."(1) Were they surprised because these facts don’t fit their theory?
1. ScienceDaily.com 10th October 2012.



Deep-sea fossils = deep trouble for evolution




Head of T. Rex.
Photo: Paul Abramson, www.creationism.org


Did humans once live with dinosaurs? Maybe the cartoons are correct!
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Gen and Ev cartoon strip
Modern-type mammals, frogs and trees also lived alongside the dinosaurs!
In the News: "Useless DNA" theory junked!
Well Designed: The Sea Squirt




In his famous Origin of Species (1859) Charles Darwin wrote: “From so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been and are being evolved.” Since then, this theory has become widely accepted as fact even though we now know there is no such thing as a “simple” organism. Increasingly, evolutionists are having to try to accommodate, even hide, evidence which undermines their theory We have drawn attention to some of the little-known evidence that modern plants and animals were living at the same time as the dinosaurs — whenever that happened to be. We believe it was thousands not millions of years ago, but if modern animals and plants have remained virtually unchanged for 200 million years or more, this is an even more serious challenge to Darwin’s theory of continuous change. So far, no human fossils have been found in the same rocks as dinosaurs, but there are numerous historical records of people meeting dinosaur-like reptiles. And the discovery in 2005 of soft tissue resembling blood cells in a T. Rex leg bone — a discovery recently confirmed, despite vehement denials (1) —has also shocked scientists who believe dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. Soft tissue couldn’t survive for millions of years, so maybe humans did walk with dinosaurs. We believe the evidence fits the Biblical account of origins much better than Darwin’s theory. Genesis tells us that God created all basic types of animals and plants within a short period of time, so we would expect to find evidence for their co-existence. We also believe there is a purpose in creation, and that God created us to know Him. Famous scientist Blaise Pascal said, “There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus. “ The Bible says, “He sent his only Son into the world that we might live through him." (1 John 4: 9) 1. Scientific American, 20th October 2012.































"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1: 1)

















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