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HARVARD-TRAINED biologist Dr Nathaniel Jeanson (right) spoke at a number of UK venues during his summer “Replacing Darwin” tour organised by Answers in Genesis.  The tour began at Moorlands College, Christchurch, Dorset on 2nd June, when UK scientist Professor Stuart Burgess also spoke. Other venues were Erith (Kent), Oxford, Rowley Regis , Cambridge, Reading, Wolverhampton, and Wigston (Leics.). UK speakers Paul Garner and Professor Andy McIntosh also took part at two of the venues.

One of Dr Jeanson’s main reasons for challenging Darwinism is that Darwin only knew a fraction of what we now know about the living world. He could only work with what he knew, and had no knowledge of genetics and DNA. Science has moved on, and if Darwin were looking at the same evidence today using modern science, maybe his conclusions would be completely different, and a new approach is needed to  take account of more recent scientific discoveries. To find out more, read Dr Jeanson’s recent book “Replacing Darwin: the New Origin of Species”, available from CRT. A kindle edition is available from


CRT resources used in UK outreach

Many of CRT’s publications have been used in the UK this summer. These include around 4,000 copies of our children’s paper Our World, mainly for distribution at agricultural shows by Farming Christian Link, who include them in children’s packs, and also by other Christian groups.  We have now ordered reprints of some back issues to meet the demand.

In addition, several thousand copies of our creation tracts have recently been supplied to individuals, churches, evangelists and creation groups for outreach and door-to-door work. These include our latest pocket-sized tract (left). One person gave a copy to a 97-year-old man waiting at a hospital. An hour later, the man was still waiting. He pulled the tract from his pocket and said " You could not have given me anything more interesting than this."  The same person was distributing evangelistic papers about the World Cup to homes in his neighbourhood, and included a copy of the same tract. One lady, a retired university lecturer, was in her garden. As he was leaving , she waved the football leaflet, and said, "I'm not interested in this, but I am interested in this other leaflet ‘You Are Here."’ She invited him to go back for a further chat with her. Please pray that God will use our literature to draw people to faith in Jesus Christ.

For samples of Our World and our selection of tracts, please contact us.

The 8th International Conference on Creationism (ICC) was held from July 29th to August 1st in Pittsburgh, USA. Papers covering a wide range of subjects were presented by more than 60 speakers and authors, including UK scientists Prof. Andy McIntosh, Paul Garner and Bill Worraker. All the conference papers can be down–loaded freely: CLICK HERE

The conference was organised by Creation Science Fellowship Inc. P.O. Box 99303, Pittsburgh PA 15233-4303, USA.


Biblical answers for evolution teaching in public schools. Includes videos. A great tool for school and college students, parents and youth leaders.

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